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about MoisturizeHair™

MoisturizeHair™ is one of the first truly all-natural alternatives to chemical-based styling products.  All we wanted was an everyday use styling product that didn’t leave our hair feeling weighted-down or a scalp clogged with the denseness of most clays, putties, gels and sprays.  

With only 6 ingredients, MoisturizeHair™ is made from 100% earth-based ingredients that your hair and skin will love!  


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We understand your requirement and provide quality products.
MoisturizeHair™ Styling Product




Our focus.

Current hair care products in the marketplace are comprised of artificially produced chemicals and alcohols.

Clogs Hair Follicles

Most hair care products use harmful chemicals that can clog hair follicles and strip hair of natural producing oils.

Negative Environmental Affects

The rinse off takes these chemicals down our drains, polluting our water-sources.

Health Issues

Traditional hair care products often contain toxins and parabens that are linked to cancer, blading, skin irritations, and other health-related issues.

Adverse Effect Cycle

Traditional hair care products tend to contribute to dandruff and pre-mature balding - which are often combatted with more chemically-produced products.


MoisturizeHair™ Highlights

We were tired of seeing the mundane, repetitive, chemically filled ingredients used in our gels, pastes, and putties; not knowing what exactly we were putting onto our hair and scalp.

Patented Formula with Only 6 Ingredients

With ingredients like coconut oil, vitamin E, and tea tree oil, our Patented Formula is composed from only 6 all-natural ingredients, and exclusive of toxic chemicals.



Our formula not only keeps your hair looking great throughout the day, but also provides vital nourishment, shine and moisturizes your scalp.

Made in the USA

All Manufacturing and Packaging of MoisturizeCare™ Products are proudly based in the USA.

Environmentally Conscious and Friendly

Leaping Bunny Certified.  No toxic chemicals and additives; recyclable packaging. Made safe for your body. Made safe for the environment.

No Hair-Bias

MoisturizeHair™ has been found to beneficial and applicable for all hair types, styles and lengths.

Water-Free and Alcohol-Free

Our patented formula has created an all-natural moisturizer, free of water and alcohols, which allows for elongated shelf-life and no mold! 

"It's time to make the switch to an all-natural moisturizer-based hair styling product." ~ Your Scalp


Shop MoisturizeHair™

We understand your requirement and provide quality products.
MoisturizeHair™ Styling Product




All-Natural Ingredients

Our limited-ingredient formula provides nourishment and hydration, while not sacrificing for performance:

Grapeseed Oil

Grapeseed oil is known to act as an antioxidant and seals in moisture to your hair and scalp.  This natural oil is lightweight and will not weigh strands down, while providing your hair with a healthy shine. It enables hair growth by loosening any pre-existing build-up and dandruff of the scalp. 




Beeswax has been proven to repair damaged skin cells and promote skin regeneration. It soothes itchiness and irritation of the scalp through creating a hydrating, long-lasting protective barrier. It accomplishes this without ‘suffocating’ your skin, allowing for your skin to breath while still providing a protective layer. 


Coconut Oil

Used as a key ingredient to lock in moisture, our coconut oil blend goes beyond just moisturizing by acting as a barrier against the elements found in day-to-day wear and tear, such as wind, sun and smoke, while promoting hair growth and strength. 


Vitamin E.

We incorporated this vitamin into our product for its fortifying antioxidant properties. Known for its fortifying antioxidant properties, Vitamin E releases a natural shine to hair, that’s achieved without harsh or chemically induced sources. Our Vitamin E formula promotes blood circulation and acts as a steadfast guard for your scalp, preventing breakage and brittle hair. 


Tea Tree Oil

Derived from Australia and used for nearly 100 years for its purifying and antioxidant elements, tea tree is one of our superstars. While unclogging the pores on your scalps, tea tree oil also tones and strengthens the skin on your scalp, helping to prevent infections or conditions such as dandruff. 


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